Ronnie the Reindeer’s Christmas Journey


It was a warm December afternoon and Ronnie the Reindeer was staring out into the Pacific Ocean.  He was doing that a lot this month, his first December in sunny San Diego.  You see, Ronnie wasn’t from around here. Where he was from it was cold and snowy this time of year and Ronnie was beginning to feel home sick.  Surrounded by palm trees and beautiful weather Ronnie didn’t feel the same holiday spirit he felt back home. So he decided to take a journey. He had heard tales of a place ripe with holiday spirit and a giant Christmas tree to boot.  It was called OB. So to OB he would head. He only had to travel in the direction of the pier.


Ronnie knew the journey would be long. There would be many hills to climb


and strange plants to fight through


but he would also make time to smell the flowers along the way.


Eventually Ronnie arrived at a long dark tunnel.


“Helloooooooooo! Is there anybody down there!” He yelled into the tunnel.


Suddenly two white figures appeared out of the darkness.

“Who dare disturbs our slumber?” Said one of the figures.

“Ummm, uh it is I, Ronnie the Reindeer.” Said Ronnie.

“Ronnie?!? From North Pole Polytechnical?” Said the other figure.

“Actually yea.” Said Ronnie

The figures responded by running towards Ronnie excitedly.


“Whoa! Paul the Polar Bear and Winston the Wolf! What are you guys doing here?!?” Asked Ronnie shocked to be seeing his old college buds.

“We moved here after school.” Said Paul.

“Yea, we were sick of the snow but now we kind of miss it.  It doesn’t really feel like Christmas time.” Winston added.

“I feel the same way. That’s why I’m headed to OB. I heard it’s full of Christmas cheer.” Ronnie said. “Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t you guys come with me?”

“OK!” Paul and Winston replied in unison. And away they went.


“Hey look the pier!” Ronnie said. “I think we’re getting close! Only a little further now I can feel it.”

“You better be right I’m getting tired of climbing these hills.” Paul groaned.

“Yea, do you think we could stop for some water?” Winston asked.

“No problem.” Ronnie said and led them to some water.


Together they drank until their thirst was quenched and then continued on their journey. Before long they approached what appeared to be a white rabbit. A trapped white rabbit.


“HeyguysoverhereI’mtrappedI’mtrappedI’mtrapped!” Said the rabbit quickly.”Canyouhelpme!”

“Calm down there little guy.” Paul said slow and lumbering. “Of course we can, right guys?”

“Sure.” said Ronnie.

“Maybe.” said Winston, not convinced they could.

“I would take a step back if I were you.” Said Paul as they approach the grate.


They each grabbed hold of the grate as best they could and pulled with all their might.  Right before they didn’t think they could pull any longer it toppled over freeing the rabbit.


“Hurray!” they said standing a top the grate in triumph.

“Ohthankyouthankyouthankyou!” said the rabbit.

“Boy you talk pretty fast.” Said Paul. “What’s your name little buddy.”


“Hi Ryan I’m Ronnie and this is Paul and Winston.  We’re on our way to OB to find some Christmas cheer. Would you like to join us?  We heard there’s a tree!” Said Ronnie.

“OBIknowOBfollowmeIcangetyoutothetree. WejustgottawatchoutfortheMoedog. GottasteerclearoftheMoedog.” Said Ryan.

“What’s a Moedog?” asked Winston

“OhMoedogsabigscarybeast.  Don’twannamesswiththeMoedog. That’showIgottrapped. IscurriedintothatgratebutthenIcouldn’tgetout. Goodthingyouguyscameby. Icanshowyoutothetree. Followmefollowme!” said Ryan

So they followed Ryan and followed him and followed him.

“Are you sure you know where your going?” Asked Ronnie.

“Ofcourseit’srightoverthishill. AHHHHMoedog!” Screamed Ryan.


“AHHHH! Tiny ones!” The Moedog screamed back.


“What a minute. You’re scared of us? But we’re scared of you.” Said Ronnie

“Well yea, you guys are so tiny and you scurry around so fast. There’s no telling what you could do.”


“But you’re so big. It’s crazy to be afraid of us.” Said Winston.

“I guess you’re right. I am much bigger than you but there are also beings much bigger than I and I am afraid of both. All I really want is friends but I’ve always been too afraid to make any.” Said Moedog.

“Well we’ll be your friends. Right guys!” Said Ronnie

“OK!” the gang replied in unison.

“You can come with us. We’re trying to find the OB Christmas tree. would you like to join us? Asked Ronnie

“I’d love to.” Said Moedog. “But there’s one problem.”

“What’s that?” asked Ronnie.

“We’re already at the tree. It’s right behind you!” Said Moedog.


“SeeItoldyouIknewwhereitwas.” Said Ryan.

“Do you feel it guys, it’s the Christmas spirit!” Said Ronnie.

Before they knew it the sun had set and the tree lit up!


They walked the streets of OB singing carols filled with the joy of Christmas together as friends.




Merry Christmas from Ronnie the Reindeer, Paul the Polar Bear, Winston the Wolf, Ryan the Rabbit and last but not least the Moedog!


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