Learning How to Swim

She looked so God damn beautiful swimming in that pool of love, so natural, floating with ease.

“Come on in, the water’s fine.” She said, splashing him with affection. He laughed nervously. He was too afraid to jump. He didn’t know if he could swim.

He dipped his foot in. It felt uncomfortable, like nothing he was used to or even felt before. Yet there she was, urging him to join her. She looked happy and he wanted to be with her and experience it too. So he jumped.

Suspended in air he felt a nervous excitement that comes with any risk. It was time for him to sink or swim. Once submerged he felt exhilaration as the water touched every part of his being. It was a shock at first but his body quickly adapted. He held his breath and smiled. He found the water to be more than fine. His breath was starting to go but he held it in order to revel in his newfound joy.

Eventually he surfaced and found floating not to be so hard. A careful stroke of the arms and a simple kick of the legs sent him in whatever direction he pleased. He was doing it. He was swimming

“I’m doing it. I’m swimming!” He called, thrilled to finally swim in the pool of love with her. He looked around but couldn’t see her. He wiped the water from his eyes and searched the pool frantically. When he finally spotted her he saw that she was exiting the pool. His heart sunk yet he stayed afloat.

The water started to feel cold and he thought it salty but soon realized it was just his tears. He slowly swam to the ladder and exited. It was even colder outside. He shivered slightly. Incredible how quickly things can change.

He watched her methodically dry her hair. He thought he’d be upset with her but remarkably he wasn’t, just merely disappointed. He knew she had her reasons for exiting the pool and they were probably even justified. Despite the fact this wasn’t what he hoped for or expected he knew he’d be all right. This story wasn’t over; it was just to be continued.  Sure he was cold now but there would be other pools, perhaps even this one, and when they came he would be ready because he had just learned how to swim and that alone was worth it.


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